Bennett Clark

Bennett Clark

Business Development


I’ve always been infatuated with sports — I’ve played and/or coached pretty much every sport competitively at some point or another during my life and at my peak was a 5x All-American swimmer and 2x U.S. Olympic Trials qualifier.  I am also a high level basketball player and used to play water polo, track & field, soccer, baseball, and volleyball.  You name it, I tried it.   I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of trying to master something new.  I also love watching all kinds of sports, mainly the NBA and the NFL, but also the Olympics for highlighting sports that don’t receive as much recognition but still have incredible athletes.

I’m also a music enthusiast of all kinds but specifically deep house and underground hip hop/battle rap (but like reggae and country for good mood music).  I also enjoy the outdoors and like hiking around the Bay Area, as well as walking 5-10 miles a day around the city of San Francisco. I’ve recently committed to an all plant-based diet and appreciate great tasting, healthy food.

All of these things are big parts of my life and I use cannabis to enhance these unique experiences.


I first found out about topical CBD from a friend who used it to rehab an ankle injury and said it did wonders. Ever since trying topical CBD, I’ve been using it daily to help with aches and pains from intense athletic activity.  Sleep is a also a huge key to my recovery.  I don’t have trouble falling asleep, but I do have trouble getting tired.  Indica helps me relax and get to a place where I can fall and stay asleep, which helps recovery from athletic activity (and the stresses of life) tremendously.