The 420 Games

were established to show that cannabis users are NOT lazy, unmotivated or “stoners” and to de-stigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle.


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What we do

Through a series of active lifestyle events, The 420 Games works to break down the stereotypes that have been built up during the era of cannabis prohibition.

The 420 Games Standards and Ethics

The 420 Games does not advocate that everyone should use cannabis.

We do advocate that cannabis can be a positive and helpful part of a productive and athletic person’s lifestyle. We strive to teach those who have been mislead about cannabis in a positive and respectful manner so people can make educated decisions about the use of cannabis The 420 Games is against underage use of cannabis.

We do not endorse the illegal or irresponsible use of marijuana. We believe cannabis needs to be regulated in a smart and educated manner to ensure the best possible integration to our modern post-prohibition society.

While some of The 420 Games participants use cannabis, some do not use it at all. Our events are NOT ‘smoke ins’. If you choose to use marijuana before, during or after our events, please make sure to do so discretely, legally and respectfully.

All of us are responsible people who want to change the outlook on cannabis use. Therefore it is important we all act in a manner that breeds respect.

If you believe Marijuana Is Not A Crime and want to help change public opinion of cannabis then this is the event series for you!




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