The 420 Games – A series of unique athletic events taking place in CA, CO, WA & OR that promote the healthy and responsible use of cannabis.

All events feature a 4.20 mile course, a beer tasting garden from Lagunitas Brewery, educational speeches and music!



2017 California Tour:

April 1st, 2017
Los Angeles | Santa Monica Pier
Event Details Coming Soon

August 2017
San Francisco 420 Games | Golden Gate Park
Event Details Coming Soon.

2017 Colorado Tour:

July 2017
Denver | Berkeley Lake Park
Event Details Coming Soon.

July 2017
Boulder | Boulder Reservoir
Event Details Coming Soon.

2016 Washington Tour:

May 2017
Seattle | Magnuson Park
Event Details Coming Soon

2017 Oregon Tour:

June 2017
Portland | Sellwood Riverfront Park
Event Details Coming Soon.

2017 Arizona Tour:

April 2017
Phoenix | Location TBD
Event Details Coming Soon.

2017 Florida Tour:

September 2017
City TBD | Location TBD
Event Details Coming Soon.

The 420 Games Blog


The 420 Games visits Denver and Boulder for it's inaugural tour through Colorado in 2016.

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These Athletes Add Cannabis To Their Workout Regimen

There is a growing community of athletes that believe cannabis can improve athletic performance. Contrary to the image of a couch potato stoner reaching for a bag of chips to answer to the call of munchies, these athletes incorporate cannabis into their fitness regimen. Some do it to enhance their game, while others use it for focus. There are no studies to support this use, but these athletes are embarking on their own journey to unlock the mystery.”

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Hemp “Graphene”

Although industrial hemp is only permitted to be grown in a few areas within the United States, this variety of Cannabis sativa never ceases to amaze. Hemp’s many uses from food to paper to modern technologies such as hempcrete are just astounding. The most ground breaking of these though, is hemp “graphene.”

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Ganja Gym: 3 Cannabis Products For Your Workout

There's a mounting body of evidence to suggest that fitness-minded folks are even more in love with smoking cannabis than couch-bound hippies: the drug's anti-inflammatory, zen-calm-inducing effects make for a remarkably painless run, can enable athletes to overcome the mental hurdles associated with limit-pushing workouts, and even shorten recovery time from injuries. From meal replacements to smoothies to topical muscle rubs: here are some of the cannabis-infused products that put the "high" in "high performance athlete."

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Ricky Williams Talks Marijuana and The NFL with SI Films

Marijuana has played a large role in the life of college and NFL star running back Ricky Williams, with failed drug tests exiling him to play in the CFL, and he’s now going to be talking about both his relationship with the substance and its implications for the NFL in depth in a new exclusive film for Sports Illustrated.

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Ricky Williams Is Running A Marijuana Gym In San Francisco

Power Plant Fitness is a new gym in San Francisco with a unique idea. Patrons will have the opportunity to smoke marijuana while working out in the gym.

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World’s First Weed-Friendly Gym Opening in San Francisco

San Francisco is about to take fitness to a higher level with the world's first cannabis-friendly gym. Power Plant Fitness, co-founded by 420 Games boss Jim McAlpine and retired NFL player Ricky Williams, aims to battle the increasingly antiquated stoner stereotype by merging athletics and weed for a more balanced workout that fuels both body and mind.

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The NFL Frowns on Marijuana, while Ricky Williams & Jim McAlpine Announce First Ever Cannabis Gym

As Ricky Williams readies a marijuana gym and pro athletes dive into pot ventures, why did Laremy Tunsil tumble in the draft after a bong tweet?

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Sports And Exercise Could Become The Biggest Sector Of The Cannabis Industry

According to NORML, there are about 25 million cannabis consumers in America (consumed marijuana at least once within the last year). Those 25 million consumers are spread out across the country, with some living in states where medical and/or recreational marijuana is legal, and sadly, the rest living in states where marijuana is fully prohibited. Some consumers get to feed a legal cannabis industry, while others send their dollars off into the black market.

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‘The World’s Fastest Stoner’ wants to one day run a four-minute mile stoned

In his own way, Barnicle felt as if he notched another mark in his mission to show that habitual marijuana users can be peak physical performers and not just the slack-jawed, Netflix-transfixed, junk food-gobbling Lotus eaters they're often portrayed as in film and TV.

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420 Games: What We Talk About When We Talk About Runner’s Highs

The organizers put together a 4.2-mile fun run, encouraging attendees to jog/walk/skate/ride from the Santa Monica Pier, to Venice Beach, and back. The 420 Games present themselves as “cannabis users who are NOT lazy, unmotivated or ‘stoners’” trying to “de-stigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle.” I personally identified with the mission statement as a casual cannabis user who doesn’t spend all his free time face down in a bong (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but occasionally gets high with his friends and talks about “Game of Thrones” too much.

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I was honored to be asked to write an op-ed for Tokewell. When I thought about what to write, I realized it needed to be about kids and Cannabis. Are you squirming in your seat yet? Thought so. That’s exactly why I’m speaking up. It’s a timely topic in our current climate, and one many want to avoid. - By Jim McAlpine

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420 Games, the Olympics for Stoners, Coming to Santa Monica Pier

Visitors to Santa Monica Pier may find themselves out of puff next Saturday, but only from the aerobic activity as the 420 Games descend on Southern California.
The 420 Games seeks to de-stigmatize cannabis and the organization hopes to show that cannabis users are "[not] lazy, unmotivated" or “stoners,” according to its website.

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420 Games Kick off Their De-Stigmatizing Tour In Santa Monica

Stoners from across Southern California gathered at the Santa Monica Pier this past Saturday for the first stop of the the 420 Games, a tour dedicated to de-stigmatizing the pothead stigma. Starting off the day with a 4.20 mile run from Santa Monica to the Venice Pier and back, the mini-marathon was full of spirited cannabis users—some on skateboards, a few on green scooters and others rocking green face-paint—determined to prove that you can live a healthy, active life-style while regularly smoking weed.

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420 Games Reach New High – Santa Monica Mirror

Celebrating all things 420-aligned, the 420 Games hit Santa Monica Saturday, attracting a wide range of participants from near and far.
The Games were established to show that cannabis users are not lazy, unmotivated or “stoners” and to de-stigmatize the millions who use cannabis in a healthy and responsible lifestyle, organizers explained.

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Meet the Latest Breed of Proud Potheads

Starting well before the scheduled 9:30 a.m. start time on Saturday, a massive line of registrants stretched through the pier’s parking lot, waiting to get into the games’ 420 Village. Among them were weed-leaf-bucket-hatted goofballs, T-shirts-tucked-into-jeans normcore dads and, unlike at most other weed events, people in fancy athletic gear psyching themselves up with light stretching.

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Marijuana Advocates Hold ‘420 Games’ in Santa Monica to Dispel Stereotypes

Jokes aside, the Saturday event is part of a larger effort to wipe away the “lazy stoner” stereotype, as laws governing medical and recreational cannabis use continue to be relaxed nationwide. Four states currently allow recreational marijuana use, and California is expected to pass a ballot measure and become the fifth later this year.

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420 Games Serves a Higher Purpose Promoting Wellness

Roni Stetter - I arrived in Santa Monica bright and early on Saturday for The 420 Games, an athletic experience unlike anything I've ever experienced before.

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LA Set to Host 420 Games

Eighteen months after its incarnation the 420 Games has found itself as the go to event for cannabis users living an active lifestyle and, with a larger than ever tour planned for 2016, more big strides are expected.

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The Athlete’s Case for Cannabis – Tanner Hall

Hall believes that using cannabis can be beneficial to athletic performance.The proof, he says, is in his trophy case: he was on “chron,” as he prefers to call cannabis, when he won each of his medals.“I used it when I competed at the X Games,” he told me.“It helps with the stress, with the anxiety. And then, afterwards, as a relaxing agent and pain reliever.

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Next Saturday The 420 Games Comes To The Santa Monica Pier

The 420 Games’ first event of 2016 takes place March 26th at the Santa Monica Pier. For the first time ever, this Southern California landmark will host an organized cannabis-related event, one that is expected to gather more than 1,000 participants.

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Leafly – 10 Things to Know About Your Herbal Nightcap

While most consumers are aware that cannabis can help you get a good night’s sleep, there’s a lot more to that relationship than you might think. For example, did you know older dried cannabis makes you sleepier than fresh bud? And did you know that marijuana inhibits dreams?

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The Next Big Thing in Medical Cannabis Might be Cancer Therapy

The next big thing in medical marijuana might be cancer therapy. But with little hard evidence, families whose children have life-threatening cancer are taking matters into their own hands, and getting their kids super stoned—to save their lives.

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Top Athletes Advocate for Cannabis Use to Increase Excercise Benefits

The District recently marked the first anniversary of its legalization of recreational marijuana. And as the city is home to so many fitness-minded people, it’s likely that at least a few of them are wondering whether it makes sense, or whether it’s even safe, to incorporate pot into their exercise regimens.

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‘Track and Trace’ System pondered over for California Cannabis Industry

As the state of California ventures into a new regulatory effort to track all marijuana grown and sold in the state, one of the key decisions before state officials is what kind of system it should deploy.

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Forget the Olympics, the 420 Games Are Coming to L.A.

The 420 Games next month will be centered around a 4.20 mile race that will go from Santa Monica Pier to Venice and back, organizers said. After two years at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, it'll debut its first L.A. route March 26, according to an announcement.

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Black Rock Partners with Skier Tanner Hall

Black Rock Originals, the cannabis industry’s premier brand for cannabis adventurers, is pleased to announce the sponsorship of legendary professional skier Tanner Hall. This partnership represents the first official relationship between cannabis and active professional athletes.

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Tommy Chong has been around The Cannabis Industry for Years, and is Still in Business

He became a stoner cultural icon in 1978 with “Up in Smoke,” the first of a lucrative series of Cheech & Chong movies that comically celebrated pleasures of pot during a wholly illicit era for marijuana.

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Marijuana Regulation would serve better than Prohibition, says Doctors

By Alison Noon, The Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — California’s largest organization of practicing physicians, the California Medical Association, announced Monday that it is backing a proposed 2016 ballot initiative to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

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Ricky Williams on Cannabis and Pain Management

By now, it's no secret that Ricky Williams is a cannabis supporter.

It's why the former NFL running back took part in a panel of former players over the weekend at the 2016 SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup, where he explained how his use of the drug helped him deal with the pain associated with football.

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Civilized. weighs in on Weight Training with Cannabis

Artemus Dolgin is a successful bodybuilder and the face of the Golden Aesthetics brand. He recently published a video explaining how cannabis use is a regular part of his routine, and doesn't detract from his bodybuilding priorities.

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Where did Marijuana get a Negative Stigma in America?

Why is Marijuana illegal?
When did prohibition begin?

NowThis answers these questions and more in today's video.

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Bernie Sanders Debates Marijuana Legalization with Hillary Clinton

With Sen. Bernie Sanders closing in on Hillary Clinton in recent polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first two states to vote in the Democratic primary, last night's debate in Charleston, South Carolina, was the feistiest yet on the Democratic side. For the first time, both candidates looked comfortable directly attacking one another.

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With Deep Pockets, Sean Parker Donates $500,000 Towards California Legalization

Sean Parker is a driving force of the legalization campaign in California. He just put his money where his mouth is and hopefully there is more of his money to come...

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The Cannaball Run – America’s Veterans Demand Change

Our veterans deserve better! After all, they sacrificed for us so we can be free to live our lives; the least we can do is show them compassion and support their access to a natural medicine they need, so they can be free to live theirs!

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The 420 Games Fun Run in Golden Gate Park, High Reviews

August 15th, 2015 - 420 Games 4.20 Mile Fun Run in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco CA. An amazing turn out for the event, which hosted a great concert by Reggae Superstar Pato Banton, and a Lagunitas Beer Garden.

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The 420 Games Golf Tournament was a Hit!

SAN JOSE -- Don't call Jim McAlpine a "stoner" unless you are also a stoner. The 6-foot-2, 200-pound founder of the 420 Games -- which on Saturday held its fourth event at Los Lagos Golf Course -- said it's a loaded term, conjuring images of a Cheech or a Chong, a burnout who wakes and bakes and doesn't leave the couch until going out for a midnight "Fourthmeal" melty-crunchy-spicy run at Taco Bell.

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Another Successful Event in Golden Gate Park – Market Watch

Marijuana users on the west coast are running, or walking, away from the popular image of the Jeff Spicoli-like pot smoker.
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Trail Running, and Life, Enhanced by Cannabis

Nobody expects cannabis users to be athletic, active and healthy.

But many athletes and outdoor enthusiasts depend on cannabis to get them in the mood to work out, to push their physical boundaries, and to have more fun in the process. Plus cannabis is amazing for pain management and to reduce inflammation.

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Marijuana in Sports. Should it be Legal?

Former SDSU and New Orleans Saints lineman Kyle Turley says marijuana is the only drug that has really helped him, and that it's safer than opioids.

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Marijuana use down among teens

"AUSTIN, Texas — Since 2002, the proportion of adolescents reporting marijuana use has decreased, and more younger adolescents report strong disapproval of marijuana use initiation, according to new research from The University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work." - UTexas.edu
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420 Games Interview with KRON 4

KRON 4 interviews 420 Games Founder Jim McAlpine, and discusses The Four-Twenty Games, as well as the upcoming event in Golden Gate Park on Aug 15th, 2015.
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Debunking The ‘Lazy Stoner’

John Haltiwanger on Elite Daily Video Jun 16, 2015 • 9:52am The 420 Games, established by Jim McAlpine, founder of the ski/snowboard lifestyle brand SnowBomb.com, is a series of events aiming to destigmatize responsible cannabis use. Elite Daily recently attended one of these events in San Jose, California, meeting with McAlpine and other activists to discuss the movement.
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Steve DeAngelo’s Speech from the First Inaugural 420 Games

Watch Cannabis Activist Steve DeAngelo's Speech from the First Inaugural 420 Games.
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Inaugural 420 Games

Our inaugural event was held September 13, 2014 at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Fun was had by all! Check out the video and be sure to come out for our next event.
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San Francisco 5k Walk/Run

Our first 420 Games event was held September 13, 2014 at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Check out photos from the event and be sure to join us next time.
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Bill Clinton – Let States Legalize Marijuana

Former President Bill Clinton says he supports letting states legalize marijuana without federal interference. He also says there's "a lot of evidence" for medical marijuana.
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Marijuana-Policy Reform in 2014: VICE Podcast

This week on the podcast, Reihan Salam sits down with Rebecca Richman Cohen, lecturer at Harvard Law School and an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker. Cohen's latest film, Code of the West, follows the political process of marijuana-policy reform in Montana, as well as the federal crackdown on medical-marijuana growers across the country. Watch more VICE Podcasts here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Podcasts

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FBI could hire hackers on cannabis to fight cybercrime.

The FBI has reportedly said it is “grappling with the question” of whether to hire cybersecurity experts who use cannabis...
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Here Are 50 Marijuana Users Who Are Unbelievably Successful

These guys just blew pothead stereotypes up in smoke.
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